About us

In 2014, while attending Dagoretti High School, student leaders banded together to help underprivileged students who couldn’t afford school supplies, pocket money, or transportation. Later, the founding members would become the Ready Aiders. Ready Aiders, founded by the school’s student leaders, began as a school club that instilled compassion, friendliness and giving in its members. The founding members implemented a slew of adjustments at the school to ensure that students from low-income areas who couldn’t afford necessities felt welcomed, cared for, and supported. This positively impacted school culture, with incidences of theft, indiscipline, and depression dropping dramatically.

After graduating from high school, the founding team led by Mr. Kenneth Apopa, decided to bring Ready Aiders’ mission to their communities. Ready Aiders originated as a school club devoted to imparting compassion, friendliness, and a giving spirit; however, the focus shifted to supporting disabled people and encouraging women to learn digital skills to improve their life. 

Ready Aiders Foundation became a society for the first time on May 12, 2015, under Kenya’s Societies Act. On September 22, 2020, the NGO Board in Kenya upgraded Ready Aiders Foundation to a non-governmental organization (NGO).

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Our Mission

To raise awareness and seek and promote solutions to the challenges faced by persons living with disability and women and girls from vulnerable backgrounds.

Our vision

We envisage a society that completely recognizes, embraces, integrates, and empowers people with disabilities and provides more possibilities for women and girls to be empowered as change agents in their communities.

Our objectives

  • To provide free occupational, physical, physiotherapy, and speech therapies to people with disabilities, economic empowerment, education and learning and nutrition programs.
  • To build strong community ties and connections that support women and girls' economic and educational empowerment.
  • To raise awareness of people with disabilities, women, and girls' struggles, journeys, and successes.

Our core values

  • Service: We recognize that the greatest calling in the world is to serve one another, particularly those in need.
  • Teamwork: Our work is based on many diverse people in the team giving their best while keeping each other in mind; this allows us to have an impact on our society.
  • Humility: We understand that the potential to make a difference in people's lives has been given to us by God, and that we are called to serve without looking down on those who are in need.
  • Kindness: Our work is based on kindness and by doing the resources we have we have to make a significant difference in people's lives. We are certain that humanity's clarion call is to be kind to one another.
  • Transparency: Making a difference for us begins with being transparent about our ability as a nonprofit organization. The number of lives our program impacts affects how we utilize the resources given by our funding partners and well-wishers.

Our Goal is to Help persons with disabilities and empower women and girls economically